Those things in life that make you stop in your tracks, inhale sharply and wonder how that ever came into existence. 

Yeah. We do that. 

An artist with a business, not a business with an artist. 


Get Handy Dandy in your own home! Watch our new series, Blank Wall Overhaul on that creative genius platform that is Bluprint! 


How to fill a big blank wall? In this Bluprint original series, designer James Worsham helps homeowners and businesses around Nashville, TN, transform blank walls into unforgettable installations. It’s your one-stop shop for DIY tips, tricks, and the occasional dad joke.

Check it out on Blueprint by clicking here! 




Sculpture within arms reach. Contemporary art custom made for your office, home, lobby, loft, cave, mansion or wherever you spend your days. Unexpected materials are sort of our thing...


When you need something that'll catch their eye, we're the ones to call. From merchandising to windows, we've got what you need, even if you don't know it yet. 


Dinner 7x7.jpg

Just say no to vintage bottles with a few flowers. Think bigger, better and, most certainly, outside the box. Basically, think of us. 



Some of our clients include:

Anthropologie・ URBN Inc. ・ W Hotels ・ Marriott Hotels ・ Kalisher ・ WELD ・ Ryman Hospitality ・ R Higgins Interiors ・ Chad James Group ・Bloomsbury Farms ・ Consider the Wldflwrs ・Grayton Beer ・ VinnieLouise ・ Jamestown Properties ・ Hopefully You!