My name is James Worsham, and I started Handy Dandy Productions in December of 2012. I have a background of...well, making stuff (especially bad jokes). I decided this was a worthy endeavor to spend my life developing, so here I am. Here's a little about me and what I make! 


What exactly do you make?

I focus primarily on furniture and home goods. I use a lot of naturally felled or reclaimed woods but utilize a clean, contemporary design aesthetic. I also love incorporating found materials and reinventing their intended use. Old copper pipes become candlesticks; rusty boxes become a console tables; hardware bins are now a wine rack; etc.. But it doesn't stop there! 

I also do commercial and retail design interiors, signage, special events decor, custom furniture, lighting...basically, if you've got an idea, we should talk. 

Where did this come from? 

Well, there's a little timeline for that. When I was real young, I used to play in my grandfather's wood shop (all mothers gasp...now!). I developed a taste of the feel and smell of sawdust and power tools. I went to college for sculpture (after a brief stint as a horrible painter) and really found my stride. After graduating, I used to skills I'd learned to land a job building displays and windows for Anthropologie here in Nashville. It was perfect. I fell head over heels for Nashville, and I got paid to make stuff all day. Over time, people started asking me to make things for them, which I was more than happy to do. Business got better and after four awesome years at Anthropologie, I decided to see what I could do on my own.

And here I am.  

Me Woodshop.jpg

Handy Dandy? 

Well, I told you I make bad jokes...it was too perfect to pass up. I've always loved bow ties and suspenders, and one year I dressed up in full dapper attire and slung on my leather tool belt. I was a Handy Dandy... I thought the idea was great, threw 'productions' at the end of it, and settled on a very applicable, perfectly cheesy business name.