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100 Taylor St
Nashville, TN 37207

(270) 799.4634

Bringing you one of a kind home goods and creative products, we focus on high quality work, great service and innovative ideas that you never knew were possible. 

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To say we have a multi-disciplinary approach would be an understatement. We gravitate toward the less traditional materials, combined with a background in more classical construction techniques, to create innovative and provocative artworks with a more refined edge. From hotel lobbies to private residences, or store windows to that big event, we love to work on any scale. 

Let us collaborate with you to create that jaw dropping feature that’ll put you or your client on the map!

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To learn more about our work, or find out how we can work together, feel free to send an email to!

We're soon to offer panel based versions of some of our installation artworks, so stay tuned!