Handy Dandy Productions is a design house based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Here's a little of what we offer:

Installation Art

We work with a broad array of clientele to make their environments more dynamic and inspiring. From hotel lobbies to private residences, we've done it all. We specialize in less traditional materials that still feel sophisticated yet playful.

Design Consulting and Fabrication

We're definitely not afraid to get our hands dirty. Creative problem solving is our specialty, so we offer consulting services on an hourly basis. If instead you're looking for that perfect piece you can't find anywhere, we might be able to help you out with that too! 

Interior Styling

An eye for design merged backed up with social theory means that we're pro's at making your space look incredible and function at it's highest potential. Whether it's floor planning a retail storefront or figuring out how to make your home more comfortable, we've got you covered. Our offerings are tailored to meet our clients needs, space and budget, so let us know what we can do for you! 

Full portfolio

Past Clients: 

Anthropologie ・Salt & Vine ・ Sisters of Nature ・ Marriott Hotel Group ・ URBN Inc. ・ Thistle Farms ・ Woodland Wine Merchant

Style Kitchen ・ The Food Company ・ Seraphine Design ・ Tailor & Table ・ Southern Weddings Magazine ・ FLWR Shop

Earthen Studios ・ Flavor Catering ・ WELD ・ Brett Warren Photography ・ Chad James Group ・ Kalisher  ・ Jack Randal

Hey Rooster General Store ・ Vinnie Louise ・ Wheat & Co. ・ Ceri Hoover ・ TN Textile Company ・ LOOR Magazine ・Thistle Stop Cafe

Camelia Fiber Company ・ Sonadora Studios ・ Powell Architects ・ Razor and Tie Music Publishing ・ Good Wood Nashville

Trace Adkins ・ Urban Cowboy B&B ・ Red Earth Trading Co. ・ Nisolo ・ Natalie Hager Designs ・ Miriam Designs ・ Five Points Pizza

Fringe Supply ・ Fortunate Fall Records ・TVS Design