Tabula Rasa Concept

Tabula Rasa: -noun, ta∙bu∙lah rah∙sah; a mentality not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc. A blank slate.

Combining years of installation art experience and design with perfect food prepared by incredible chefs flexing their own creative muscles sounds like the perfect recipe for a fantastic event. 



Art is at the core of every event, focusing on innovation and surprise. Nashville artist  James Worsham leads the design team from inspiration to execution. After designing and  installing window displays for Anthropologie, James designed artworks for clients like Marriott, W Hotels, Jamestown Properties, as well as numerous other retail and residential clients. With a focus on reinventing materials in new ways, James now brings this over-the-top installation aesthetic to create one of a kind events. That's right, every dinner, event or party is one of a kind. 


Nothing seals the deal on great event like perfect food and drink. We partner with chefs we admire for their sense of creativity and attention to detail to bring you the best of experience based dining. Our chefs are encouraged to explore and experiment, and our guests get to be on the forefront of their culinary innovation. 

Our featured chef will be announced in conjunction with our events. 




The best thing about these events is the sense of community they foster. Whether you're attending a dinner for twelve or an event for a hundred, you'll get to know new people and learn more about old friends. You'll learn about the creative process, inspiration, execution and attention to detail from our superb design team.