I think it's important to keep your eyes open and aware at all times. I know that sounds sort of stupid, but it's rather heartfelt. This afternoon, while on the plane, I made one of many peaks at the swiftly passing landscape 10k below me. Lo and behold, the skies below looked almost like an opal or multihued tiger's eye. I did a double take, raked the earth below with my eyes, and found a fire far below.
The smoke, dispersed over whatever winds over however many miles had created a semi-reflective surface for the sun's rays. The dappled clouds created infinite and sporadic sunbeams that then bounced back into space.
It was stunning.
I looked around, rather excited, to see if anyone else was being a wonderstruck 7 year old like I was. Nope. The magic was either lost or unnoticed on most of the other passengers.
I guess I should have shared...but I doubt anyone would have been as excited as I was. Alas, I settled for snapping a barely decent photo, that doesn't do anything bear justice. Oh well.
Keep your eyes peeled people. You never know what's in store :-)