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Super fast, incredibly cheap gold backdrop! ​

James Worsham

If you're like me, you don't have six weeks to glue thousands of sequins onto canvas to make a backdrop. You also don't want to spend a ton of money either. So here's a great backdrop for less than $10 and takes less than a day to make! 


All you need is gold or silver spray paint (I HIGHLY recommend Rustoleum Bright Metallics) and thin plastic drop cloth (I used a .7 mil thickness 9'x12'). 

Open the plastic drop cloth all the way, shaking it out thoroughly. Then ball it up tight. You want a lot of wrinkles and creases in the plastic. 

Then lay out your drop cloth or hang it on a big enough wall. Make sure it won't roll into itself and ruin the paint job. Tape it down or use rocks to keep it in place.

Then start you spray painting! Make sure its a good even coat, holding the can roughly 8-10" away from the canvas.

I worked in rough sections, from top to bottom. Avoid making visible lines by going back over your work in 'camo' like patches. 


Once your drop cloth is covered, let it dry for a little while. Rustoleum is a great brand because it dries so quick with great coverage. If you need to store your backdrop, roll it instead of folding. Paint can flake a little, or stick to itself if it's not fully dried. 


Install is just as easy! Use rope, chain, nails, whatever you'd like! The more depth and swag the better. The folds show the strong contrast and brilliance of the paint.


Easy as that, you're done! Less than $10 and a few hours later you have a beautiful back drop!