Tips and Tricks: Jig 1

I think people would be surprised but the amount of design that has to go into my projects. Using unexpected materials is such a great challenge, but it often means there isn't a ready made or fiscally smart tool to do what I need. I figured I'd start sharing some of the behind the scenes design I get to do. So, as part of the Tips and Tricks collection, here's another jig. 

So, what do you think this one does? 

Check out the video below to find out:

Yep, that's right. It's an extra fancy, extendable semi-ergonomic straw length gauge. I needed a way to cut around 4,000 straws to the same length. My chop saw DESTROYED the straws, and my band saw melted them into a solid (but still kind of cool. . . ) block. So this worked great! The static cling of the straws made them stick to the inside of the jig, so I cut a vent in the front. The rubber bands keep them from flying all over the place (well, mostly) and then they just drop into a box. 

So what do you think? Anyone else ever make something silly like this?