Resurfacing, but not literally

When I moved to Nashville, I didn’t have a space to make personal work anymore. I made due as best I could, but building sculpture in an apartment is tough. 

Instead, I pivoted for a while, working in two-dimensional processes of collage but with a ‘builder’s’ take on it. Layering odd subject matter with unexpected patterns or texture was the basis, but adding in a completely random line of text got me geeked. It was my first interest in words and literature in a visual arts component. 

Suddenly these mashed up elements had an opinion, a meaning, something to say. The best part was that I had nominal control over it. I liked the fact that I never knew what a finished piece would look like. Adding snippets of song lyrics to a floral print soldier traipsing across a field just because I heard it when I was working added such an element of chaos, but somehow they harmonized too. It was great.

While planning a series of sculptural dining experiences today, I stumbled across my old stash of cut silhouettes. Bumblebees of varying sizes, AK-47s and Disney princesses. You know, the usual. 

I’ve got to find a way to use these. It was serendipitous, and got my mind going a thousand different directions. Miniature maquette stages, or life size reinventions, there’s so much I could do with it. 

I love it when something from our past comes back, and suddenly this random offshoot of our story, a once-upon-a-time tangent, is made relevant. 

Anyone else have experiences like this?

Pair of Japanese dancers, hand cut from vintage paisley patterned paper

Pair of Japanese dancers, hand cut from vintage paisley patterned paper