Grayton Beer Styled Event

Nothing is better than finding clients you instantly connect with, and when it’s someone as inspiring and loving as the folks at Bloomsbury Farm, it’s just a game changer. When I had the chance to work with them on doing a launch party for Florida based Grayton Beer, I leapt for it. 



I wanted something that felt in line with their current slightly rustic beach party vibe, but with a Tennessee spin. Luckily, I’d had an idea kicking around my brain for a while that this was perfect for. Vintage axes and hatchets slammed into a table top, a forest backdrop and ice cold beers just seemed too perfect. 



Before we even finalized the project, I started collecting. Even if the project fell through, I knew I’d do something cool with them. We found an amazing chef to pair the beer with a perfect menu, settled on our location (an open air rustic structure surrounded by lush greenery in the middle of the farm) and started setting our scene. We needed it to feel upscale, not too ‘good ole boys hunting cabin’. We paired leather chesterfields with a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk as a coffee table and placed them right next to the massive stone fireplace. A few other leather wingbacks, some slabs of reclaimed wood with axes for decoration, and it was perfect. 



Designing events that relate a clients image and persona, but incorporates a sculptural element that pushes the boundaries of what styling should be is where my heart is.



So. Who’s next?

Photos by Hannah Messinger and Andrew Yontz, shot at Bloomsbury Farm.